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Postcard Jorney: Hurray! You've got mail!

Dear reader,

Today, postcards rides wave of popularity. Please feel free to choose one or more "captured moment" and contact me to turn any image from this site into a unique postcard.

Printed on good paper and handed or sent to friends across the ocean, the receivers will surely be filled with happy moments.

The printed "ilustrated paper goods" includes on the back standard postal form, filling which, you can send a postcard to any country in the world. An excellent idea for those who are keen on postcrossing and for those who wish to surprise their relatives and friends unexpectedly.

I wish you all a fun & yummy  Postcrossing!


As soon as summer arrive, favourite travel season will start. How exciting it is to discover new corners of the world, country's unique cities, and places! Nowadays we share impressions via social networks or sending photos on email. In the last and current postcard era it was customary to send "a rectangular piece of thick paper" showing the image of locals in national suits, as well large city views. On this postcard: Contemporary view on very old village.

Keep smiling. Keep Sending Postcards and Letters. Postcrossing little yummy things...

Buzón 📭 boîte postale, PO Box or letter box...Today I'm gonna share with you some "paper happiness"...

Good Morning greetings. ♫♥♥♥ BONNE JOURNÉE! But first... COFFEE. On this postcard: having Piece Of Tiramisu And Cup Of Cappuccino at Pastelería Julia in Doneztebe.

Monday - that's my favorite day. Good Morning greetings to All! "Don't tell your friends about your indigestion. 'How are you' is a greeting, not a question". (Arthur Guiterman). On this postcard: Doneztebe/Santesteban. This elegant settlement nestles in the valley of Malerreka, flanked by several mountains including Mendaur.

When mama needs some coffee. Would you love to have a cup of coffee with the author of this mug? ;) For those who dig awesome things. 🙌 Made by YooleeArtES

Daily Inspiration: "Small Things Become Great When Done With Love". Who like to receive real mail and of course real paper postcards? On the photo: Wooden bell house with bird adds a decorative touch to the courtyard. When someone pass nearby, orange toy is poured into the trill. Fun! :)

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A nice postcard exchange. So excited to have received a beautiful card this morning from sunny Portugal. Manuel, the sender, wrote: "This postcard shows two things we, Portuguese, like very much: " cafe" and "Pastel de nata" - a very tasty and sweet cake". On the other hand, one of my author's coffee drinking theme postcardscards traveled to the USA and reached one of the largest cities of Hawaii - Waipahu. Drinking coffee each day has several health benefits. Well, the biggest benefits of Postcrossing is the connection with people different from you. Postcrossing allows for inexpensive world exploration.

Strange and unusual stories from past and present. What is the way postman or postwoman deliver the mail in your country? Does they bring letters or postcards to you in the same way: just in the middle of the street or even at the coffee bar? :)

Find your seed of creativity, plant it, and watch it grow. Check out on my site the inspiring views to turn them into postcards...or even something more!

Celebrating Mother's Day in Spain. Shops all over Spain decorate their windows with chocolates, flowers, greeting cards and many other presents for Mother’s Day. However, the handmade gifts and cards are more appreciated. The usual gifts of flowers or chocolates are common in Spain, as are cards. However, Spain does not have the same card-giving culture as, say, the United Kingdom does. Here is my new Multiview Postcard ¡Felíz Día de las Madres!

Do you know, that recently we mark "The day of canine happiness"? Well, let all the leather noses, those on 4 paws and with tails be happy with their hostesses! My "human happiness" is this new postcard - "Hot dog" Nayta - that had arrived.

What are you going to send today? Resist the urge to mail them to myself. ;) Small Greeting Card:10cm x 15cm. Large Greeting Card:12.5cm x 19cm. Postcard:10cm x 15cm.

The Bear Garden. Today we have special guest! He guards the flowers like a dog ...Whisper to me: would you like to turn him into a cute postcard? :)

Medieval old Doneztebe/Santesteban is a town I know, where time is slowed to stills… Small and simple, but elegant settlement, in medieval times it was a merchant’s village and still makes its living from commerce today. There’s shops and stores and bars where all three meals are served…. The hamlet sprawls around the church of San Pedro. Renovated in Baroque style, with a distinguished interior, the parish church boasts a notable ashlar tower of medieval appearance which was part of the former Castle of the Count of Lerín. Avaliable on greeting cards as well as on wall clocks!

Such nice feedback I have today, huh? Those who speak Russian will understand :)

Once, me, as well as you, have got under the magic of postcrossing and since then I'm under charms of this wonderful hobby. I love to receive and send real postcards. Now, as you know this fact, all is said. But not all done. My passion toward this process, my "hobby with a heart" grew into something more - a desire to share with your my own postcards. And Voila! There is only a few "ingredients" to add: nice stamps, warm words and unique handwriting - in a word, all this reprezent a part of our soul, which is the most important component of the postcrossing alchemy. P.S. This postcard goes directly to Brasil, to Luiza Paiva De Angelis aka Forella505.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine. What is the country you are "reading" now? Me - beautiful Reyno de Navarra...

Beautiful medieval bridge and modern street lights in Sumbilla, Province of Navarre. These postcards were quickly picked up by postcrossers...

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From Autumn To Spring... Hey! Rise! Grab your camera and go to the park...Let's search to capture beautiful postcards!

Flower Power. Resist the urge to mail them to yourself. ;) Small Greeting Card:10cm x 15cm. Large Greeting Card:12.5cm x 19cm. Postcard:10cm x 15cm. Features: 1.Unique artwork for posting words of wisdom or decorating your wall, fridge or office. 2. Digitally printed cards on heavyweight stock. 3.Uncoated reverse provides a superior writing surface.

A multicolored postcards filled with joy was arrived! Yes, you can now order online...

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