Inspirational Woman: Born to bring more creativity throughout the land. (Or at least in my own world).

Dear guest,

I am Carpe Diem photography enthusiast, passionate and engaged about exchanging postcards, learning about new cultures, traveling, and intimate ways of communication.

That's why I create this website. 

My name is Юлия, pronounced YOO-lee-a (Classical Latin).

Behind the name, I'd believe there is an epitome of a free spirit.

A free spirit will find beauty all around, in the everyday.

Hope you can see it reflected in my photo-etudes and find my website enjoyable!

This project is only the starting point and not the finishing line...

As an independent artist, I am looking for meaningful new ways to sell my creations across the planet to millions of passionate fans. 

An extension of my creativity:my RB webstore.

Right now, let the Photo Cards for Postcrossing take you on a visual journey of discovery.

I dare to say it's my brave world of self-expression.

Wish you lots of pleasure through it. 



Postcrossing has made a difference in my life!

I am the member of the following groups for people who want to share their great cards and receive great cards from others: 


Lucky Postcard Lottery 

Postcrossing Republica Moldova 


Открытки для души - посткроссинг

With kind regards,